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Aspiring FULL STACK Developer

Welcome to my site. Built from the ground up with my blood, sweat and tears (..and coffee).
I am Uthmaan and I have been working for the past few months learning how to code.

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I am delighted to be called upon as a reference for Uthmaan. He always behaves professionally.

-Godwin – Head of Curriculum and Learning.

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September 1996

079 463 7741


English / Afrikaans

Cape Town, South Africa

Aspiring Web Developer

A little About me.

I'm an ambiverted, enthusiastic and down to earth individual. People describe me as having a good-natured and friendly soul. I work well with others and can work independently too. I am a dedicated, focused, respectful and reliable team player.

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Education & Experience

I consider myself to be a well-rounded person and can adapt to my environment very well.

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Apr 2022- Present

Content Migrator at Rogerwilco Digital moving Content from client websites to newer versions of the websites. Depending on the size of the site, we would either work in teams or alone.

Jan 2022- Mar 2022

Intern Web developer with Tenacious digital at Life Choices studios.

Oct 2021- Jan 2022

Intern Web Developer at Life Choices studios, where we are learning Postgres, Express, Vue and Node.js. Then working on real time projects.


Worked as a carpenters apprentice under my dad at Gamia Projects for 7 months, up until I started at Life Choices.


Renovation and Building work with Cuecon, project ended.


Part time Administrative work with Gamia Projects, I worked as a casual with my dad.


Part time Counter hand at a small cafe called Mamas Kombuis. I worked at the till and did inventory as well.

Apr 2021-Sep 2021

A coding Bootcamp where I learned the basics of coding and web development as well as receiving personal development and professional development


Studied part time LAW with unisa for 6 months as to continue from the Bcom Law, but unfortunately during lockdown the study material sent wasn't sent on time and I started working.


Studied full-time for a year Bcom Law at Varsity college, did not complete due to financial reasons.


Did 1 year of a full-time basic Arabic course at Darun Naim and did well, the certificate is only given after the second year of studies.


Completed matric at Darul Arqam High School with a Bachelors pass.




Here is a list of Projects I am working on, or have worked on.

More projects in Github

  • Blog site using vue
  • Proxy Api for react frontend
  • Bmi Calculator
  • Currency Converter
  • full-stack E-commerce site
  • Co-op frontend sneaker site
  • Ticket sales
  • JS calculator
  • Pokedex using pokeapi
  • add project here
  • Contact Form
  • Project Cards



I enjoy working with people and I try to work Consistently

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